Sample Tour Itinerary

Tours can be customized depending on availability

Day 1

3-6 PM Check-in to La Bastide

Day 2 (Tour Day)

8:30 AM Breakfast at La Bastide B&B
11:45 AM Depart La Bastide for Hyland Estate
12:00 PM Arrive at Hyland Estate (McMinnville AVA)
12:15 PM Lunch at Hyland – from a local restaurant
2:00 PM Depart for Domaine Divio
2:30 PM Arrive at Domaine Divio (Ribbon Ridge AVA)
4:00 PM Depart for Hyland Estates
4:30 PM Arrive at Soléna Estate (Yamhill Carlton AVA)
5:45 PM Depart for Dinner at a local restaurant
6:00 PM Dinner
8:00 PM Depart for La Bastide B&B

Day 3

8:30 AM Breakfast at La Bastide B&B
12:00 PM Check-out from La Bastide